Washington, DC – Jordan Grossman, candidate for Ward 2 DC Council, issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s declaration that “DC will never be a state”:

“The President is so desperate to distract from his failed coronavirus response that he’s attacking over 700,000 citizens of DC with a cravenly political outburst. DC residents have a fundamental right to govern ourselves and we deserve full representation in Congress. On the DC Council, I will fight to get DC statehood over the finish line – especially if that means standing up to bullies like Trump.”

Jordan believes it’s unconscionable that right-wing Republicans in Congress have undercut critical local laws and protections – like preventing DC from using local tax dollars for women’s reproductive health care. Regardless of what the President thinks, statehood is closer than ever to becoming a reality and Jordan believes the DC Council should initiate a thoughtful and comprehensive planning process to ensure we are ready and able to transition into statehood as soon as possible.

Jordan Grossman is a fifth generation DC resident and former Obama Administration, Capitol Hill, DC federal district court, and DC Medicaid official. He’s running to represent Ward 2 on the DC Council to end corruption, fight for DC statehood and equity for our schools, and make it easier for residents to afford a home, find high-quality child care, walk, bike, or take public transit, and pay off student loan debt.

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